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What are some of the consequences when a motorist PLEADS GUILTY to violating the Vehicle and Traffic Law, or is FOUND GUILTY after a trial?

The average driver considers a traffic ticket as a minor annoyance which will go away in time. Few things can be further from the truth. In the short term, a conviction of a traffic violation results in motor vehicle points, ranging from 0 to 11 points, and in the payment of a fine, plus a mandatory surcharge (presently $93 for most violations). Please see the following Schedule of Points as established by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles:

DMV points 2015.jpgPoints are active for 18 months after which the points expire. It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But, not so fast. The following penalties may also apply.

driver license.jpegThe New York State Department of Motor Vehicles maintains a Driver Violation Point System that helps them identify drivers who commit multiple traffic violations during a specific period of time.

Remember these critical numbers – 11 and 18

If you receive 11 or more points within 18 months, the DMV will suspend your driver license. You should also be aware that the DMV must revoke your license if you are convicted of 3 speeding violations within an 18-month period even if you have fewer than 11 points.

speed.jpgWhen you receive a traffic ticket, in most cases, you can enter a plea of guilty or not guilty in person or by mail. The mail option is only available for offenses of the traffic law classified as traffic infractions.

Mailing your plea is not an option for more serious offenses which could be classified as misdemeanors. Some examples of traffic misdemeanors are driving while intoxicated (DWI), reckless driving, or driving with a suspended license. A personal appearance requires you to adjust your work or personal schedule to accommodate the court schedule.

A plea of guilty concludes the matter, except for the DMV’s assessment of points and a fine assessed by the court. More importantly, a plea of guilty, or a finding of guilty after trial, might result in a suspension of your drivers license and increased insurance premiums. If your job requires a clean license, you could risk losing your job.

Conviction for a traffic ticket can result in a fine, surcharge, driving points, license suspension, and even a jail sentence. You may see increased insurance premiums, or a monetary driver improvement assessment. A traffic ticket can result in the loss of a job, and loss of time to appear in court.

ticketwriting.gifFines: Depending on the charge, the fine can be in the hundreds of dollars.

Surcharge: In addition to the fine, the assessment can be $85; $55 for equipment violations.

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