Driver License Suspensions


The Department of Motor Vehicles announced administrative changes, effective 9/25/2012, regarding how to handle applications for re-licensing persistent DWI offenders.

In prior years, the DMV would search back ten years and review the driving records of motorists who have made an application to be re-licensed after a DWI conviction.

DWI.jpgThe new DMV policy is to review a motorist’s lifetime driving record. It is unclear how they will review the past record of motorists who have resided in several different states or countries. An application for re-licensing will be denied if the record shows five or more alcohol/drug driving convictions. A person who fits in that category will be denied a license for life.

Any person who has their license suspended or revoked for a specific period (ninety days, six months, or one year, for example) will no longer be able to get a new license immediately after completing the Drinking Driver Program (DDP). They will be required to serve the entire revocation period.

Permanently losing your license will impact your entire future. An experienced attorney familiar with current DWI legislation should be contacted before the motorist has to deal with these administrative changes.

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