New York State’s New Cell Phone Law

New York State was the first state to pass cell phone legislation in 2001. The law made it a traffic infraction for a motorist to drive a motor vehicle while using a hand held cell phone.

Conscientious motorists adapted to this legislation by using hands free connections such as bluetooth devices. Still, others would take the risk of a violation, knowing the only potential penalty was a fine. Indeed, if you parked along any busy traffic light intersection in the capital district, you would see an alarming number of intentional cell phone violations.

no cell phone use.jpgAt the time, the motorist convicted of using a hand held cell phone would be liable to pay a fine of up to $100.00. The violation carried no points on the motorist’s license.

This is no longer the case. Recent legislation has amended the law to assess two points on the motorist’s driving record for each cell phone conviction for a violation committed on or after February 16, 2011.

I believe a driver will think twice before violating a law which could result in the loss of driving privileges. An experienced traffic lawyer can keep you from losing your license.

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